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About us

Zip Adventure Park is a Vasa-company founded in 2016. Our goal is to offer an extraordinary adventure experience to Ostrobothnians, tourists, and business guests in the region.

Our adventure park is beautifully situated in the same area as the ski track/running track in Vasklot in Vasa. Here, one is close to city-life and the Vasa city centre, as well as the archipelago and nature.

The park includes six different adventure courses, in which needs to use balance and strength to overcome the different obstacles. Depending on the runway difficulty level, one moves between 1 and 8 meters high - in other words, right up to the tree tops!
Adventure courses are suited to all without disability, regardless of age. We use the Continuous belay system, the safest on the market, as we place great value on security and on ensuring that all visitors get the same great experience. Visitors who are afraid of hights may try penthatlon. It is a contest with 8 different events in which you can compete individually or in a group. Pentathlonis an excellent fit for events such as a bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party, Tyky days or a company party.